Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett Back Together After Cheating Scandal

Written by on 5th September 2016

Usain Bolt and his girlfriend Kas Bennett are back together like hardly anything happened over the last few weeks.

The track and field legend quietly arrived in Jamaica earlier this week after partying in Rio and London after his Olympic triumph. Several photos surfaced online showing the athlete in bed with a Brazilian women, as well as, kissing other women inside a Rio nightclub.

On Friday, Usain Bolt posted a video of himself and Kasi Bennett on SnapChat and all seems well between the couple. Sources are saying that Bolt told her that he was drunk while partying post his Olympic gold medal haul. “He was clearly just having some fun after a year long of hard work and nothing serious happened between the big man and those women it was all just innocent fun,” sources told us.

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